Guest Post: Spa Like Body Scrub At Home

February 7, 2013

I am so excited to share this guest post with you. With Valentine’s Day coming up think about using this at home scrub as a way to pamper yourself or your love for a fraction of the cost of going to a spa. I’m so excited about adding this into my beauty routine!

Spa- Like Body Scrub at Home

With the first of the year many people often have the mentality of, ‘new year, new you,’ (or is it me?). Making resolutions to go to the gym, eat better, be healthy and lose weight are often the typical resolution for Americans. How ever good losing weight might make us feel, we often over look the actual appearance of our skin. Sometimes dry flakey skin hides beneath our winter layers, and no matter how healthy you are dry skin never feels good.

Getting rid of your flakey skin doesn’t require going to the spa for an expensive treatment  (unless of course you want too!). Making your own body scrub is easy, cheap and works like a charm. Here’s what you will need:


-       1 cup Dead Sea Salt

-       ½ cup almond oil

-       1 lemon, for juice and zest

-       1 orange, for juice and zest


Mix the dead sea salt with almond oil. The amounts may vary, but its usually one part oil and two parts salt. Next, squeeze half of a lemon and a fourth of an orange into the mixture. Lastly, add some zest from each fruit. Mix one last time.

Now, if you can use it right away that’s fine, or you can store the mixture in a mason jar or other storage container. When you have a few extra minutes to spare, jump in a warm shower and exfoliate! Spread the scrub on your legs, arms, hands and feet in small circular motions. This will ensure you exfoliate the dry skin. Your skin will feel soft and fresh, giving you the ultimate ‘feel good’ experience. 

Michelle Pino has provided this body scrub recipe. Her information stems from the work she does at Skana, one of New York’s finest spa. When Michelle isn’t working at the spa you will probably find her with her nose in a book, on pinterest or baking some decadent desserts!

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