Snow Day Excuses

February 26, 2013

We had a snow day today and I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited about it. This wasn’t always the case. I’m a Mississippi girl and lived most of my youth there and in Florida. Snow just wasn’t a part of my early life. Then, in 9th grade, we moved to Germany (my step dad was in the Air Force) and I spent my high school years becoming more acquainted with the cold, the dreary and the snow. But, what endurance I built up in high school I lost in college, moving back to Mississippi. What can I say, I’m a southern girl and snow just isn’t my go-to weather dream.

We moved to NWA three years ago and our very first winter was marked by a record breaking snowstorm. We were snowed in for days and I vowed we would be moving soon. (Yeah, like I have control over that or something.)   I’m such a brat. Demanding the weather obey me about 90% of the time. (again, I have so much control over that.) Last year was a milder winter and this year we’ve had hardly any snow at all. The craziest part? I have actually wanted a few snow days. We were supposed to get snow on Christmas day but it completely missed us and last week we were supposed to get a big ice storm but again, it mostly missed us. (I know, it’s a hard life.)

Today, the Lord granted my desires so I’ve spent my day making soup, snapping a few pictures of our boys playing outside and soaking up the presence of my husband while he works from home. The blog posts I had planned for today will have to wait as I look outside at the beautiful, white ground and enjoy my snow day. I’m still very much the Mississippi girl deep inside but, as I grow to appreciate life in Northwest Arkansas, I have to acknowledge there’s something about the snow. It has such a commanding presence that can make the ugliest field or yard a beacon of glory and beauty; much like my life with Christ. I am so wretched, so dirty but He covers me and makes beauty from my ashes. I’ll leave you with this scripture that has been on my heart today as I rejoice in what Jesus has done for me and the promises of long ago from our Creator:

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”
Isaiah 1:18 

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