Clean Sweep Day 6: Clean out Your Fridge and Freezer

February 11, 2013

Day 6: Clean Out Your Fridge and Freezer

Were your baseboards as gross as mine? Thankfully this year I had a fantastic new cleaning product to help me, my new cleaning love Branch Basics. It made cleaning my baseboards a breeze!

Today we are going to clean out our fridge and freezer. Make sure to not only go through and throw out old food but to check the expiration date on your condiments. Also, wipe down the entire inside, outside and shelving.

For your freezer, if you have a deep freeze, be sure and take everything out, place in your fridge freezer and defrost completely. Rinse out and dry your deep freeze before returning everything back to it. Check labels of frozen foods (whether store bought or homemade). Most items need to be tossed after 6 months, while some are still good for a year. If you are not sure, check it here.

How is everyone doing? Cleaning projects going well?

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