Happy Festive Weekend

November 24, 2012

Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving? We stayed home for the first time ever this year. It has been such a crazy, hectic fall that we decided it would be best to have a fun family day without having to be anywhere. It turned out best because we all came down with a cold cootie over a week ago and my boys were still coughing up a lung and blowing their nose constantly this past Tuesday. We went in to the dr to find one had an ear infection and they both had upper respiratory junk. Tis the season for cooties!

My friend Ginger had asked me if I was going to be in town on Thanksgiving and if so, could I take her 30 plus family member’s group picture. While I was gone, my boys went on a morning walk and came back with random nature findings to make me this beautiful centerpiece. Isn’t it wonderful? I was just blown away when I came home to it, it was so perfect for our Thanksgiving centerpiece!

We didn’t do much Black Friday shopping. I went to an antique store and found something for my Mother in Law and then we came home to decorate our mantle and tree. We live in a small home, so there is not much room to decorate but I do have a beautiful mantle and my goal this year was to really focus on it. I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

Did you decorate this weekend? Any fun or crazy black friday stories to share? I hope your weekend was as wonderful and relaxing as ours was!

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