Whole Food Fast: Pitzas

April 25, 2013

One of my favorite go to lunch or dinner recipes is this Pitza dish. You can do so many different things with it. Most of the time I will grab a pack of whole wheat pitas (just make sure they have 5 ingredients or less) or some home made if I have them laying around, but every now and again I will use store bought Naan bread. The crust these breads create is very similar to a fire house pizza restaurant and you can’t beat having them on hand. Super quick and easy!

Once you have your bread base, add desired toppings and voila! Your kids will love you and inhale this dish. Here is one variation we love:

Whole Wheat Pitas or Naan
Crushed Tomatoes or Pizza Sauce (I like Muir Glen or Delallo)
Pesto or various toppings (optional)
White Cheese of choice, freshly grated from a block

Pre-heat oven to 400. Arrange Pitas on a baking stone. Spread evenly with crushed tomatoes or pizza sauce. Spread a layer of pesto or arrange toppings if desired.

Sprinkle with plenty of cheese, make sure it’s even. Then, cook in oven on 400 for 8 minutes. Once the 8 minutes is up, turn your oven from 400 to broil and broil for 2 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool slightly before cutting. Serve with fruit or veggies and enjoy!

Get creative! I’ve used refried black beans as a base, topped with chicken, jalapeno slices and cheese, served with sour cream. Possibilities are endless!


  • Katrin Clubine

    I will be trying this soon. I have been wanting to eat more clean for a while, but I am not sure where to start:). I feel like we eat pretty healthy, but once you start reading labels it’s kind of crazy. What are some o the main ingredients you like to avoid?

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