Clean Sweep Day 7: Sanitize Your Kitchen Sink

February 15, 2013

Day 7: Sanitize Your Sink

It may not even cross your mind to deep clean and sanitize your sink but check out this excerpt from the WebMD Article, “6 Surprisingly Dirty Places in Your Home“:

Although the mere thought of retrieving anything from your toilet bowl may be enough to make you sick, your toilet may be cleaner than your kitchen sink, says Eileen Abruzzo, director of infection control at Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn, New York. Food particles from plates left to soak or rinsed from dishes on their way to the dishwasher can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. They can get on your hands or spread to foods. Although most people take steps to disinfect their toilet bowls, few give their kitchen sink the same consideration, Abruzzo tells WebMD. “They rinse their sinks with water and assume they are clean — but they’re not.”

Today, take the time to really clean the inside and edges of your sink. All of it. Grab a rag and some of your dish liquid and just rub the whole sink down with hot, soapy water. Once everything is rinsed and all residue, crumbs, etc have been wiped down and removed, take a different rag with pure white vinegar on it and rub the whole sink down again. This will take care of anything else that was not cleaned during the soapy process. Last, take a lemon or lime slice and throw it down your disposal. Turn the water to hot and run your disposal until the slice is completely gone. This will both deodorize and oil your disposal.

*It would be a good idea to add this to your weekly cleaning routine e.g., every Saturday.

  • Vondaaxe

    You know, vinegar to clean the sink is one of my favorite cleaning tricks. Who would of thought vinegar, but now I clean my tile floors with vinegar/hot water too.

    • Bethany

      Yes! I bet those floors are squeeky clean. My mom always used a spray bottle of vinegar to clean her laminate, made them streak free clean!

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