How do you keep it Cottonelle clean?

July 8, 2013

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We have two bathrooms in our house. That means, that there is one in the master bedroom and then one in the main hallway. That also means my boy’s bathroom doubles as the guest bathroom and it usually smells like a road stop restroom if I go too long between cleanings (don’t judge me! I don’t clean it every day.  Or every other day. Whatever.) Potty training is one thing but training your boys to keep it in the toilet is a whole other thing. Why can’t they aim? Is the giant opening in the toilet not good enough? Then it hit me. They don’t care because they don’t clean it. Say what? Make a 3 and 5 year old clean their own bathroom? I’m either a genius or raving mad but either way, we’re gonna run with it. (yes, I go back over the bathroom after they’ve gone to bed to really clean it. Otherwise I’d just end up with a road side restroom that smells like cleaner. And business.)
You’d think my boys would be outraged at my new plan. Can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth? Well, surprise! They fought over who go to scrub the toilet first.  Because what’s more fun than scrubbing a toilet? IDK but you don’t ask too many questions when you have happy help :)

I try to make the bathroom as kid and guest friendly as I can. I keep extra toilet paper in this cute basket I got at a local junk store and I keep these Cottonelle wet wipes on the edge of the counter. Do you love wet wipes as much as I do? I mean, if you are a parent then wet wipes are probably your bff – I know we use them for everything! They are not only for good hygiene, we use them to do all sorts of things.
One of my favorite finds was that they are exceptional at getting a stain out of a shirt! Yes! Once, my husband spilled some mustard on his work shirt. The only thing we had in the car was a pack of wipes (because I keep them around as many places as I can) and after a few scrubs with the wipe, boom! The stain was out. If you don’t have a pack in your car or truck, jump on it. You’ll be using them more than you think and at sometimes they can be a lifesaver! Just last week I got a nosebleed while driving and the only thing that saved me from looking like I just left a crime scene was the back of wet wipes next to me in the truck.

Now is the perfect time to try the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine for yourself because for a limited time, you can get a FREE Fresh Care Wipes Dispeneser when you purchase a 24-pack of Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper at select Walmart Stores. Just be sure to look for the bright, shiny coupon on the top corner of the toilet paper package. I fell in love with Cottonelle years ago when I was able to grab several packages for almost free after coupon – Cottonelle is always great for sharing some amazing coupons with their customers!

And while you are at it, check out this clip as seen on The Talk! where they discuss their own care routines and the importance of staying so fresh and so clean, clean.

What’s your favorite use for a wet wipe? Don’t you love Cottonelle and how safe it is for septic use?

  • JDaniel4′s Mom

    I need to have my son help me clean his bathroom. This is a great idea!

  • Summer Len Davis

    DYING that your bathroom smells like a rest stop bathroom because our “community” rest room does too. And can you send those cute boys to my house for some toilet cleaning please?

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