Our May Family Challenge

May 1, 2013

Are you as excited about summer as I am? I enjoy the holiday season and a few snowy days but beyond that, I love warm weather. To welcome and usher in beautiful weather and active days we are going to take a family challenge in May to jumpstart the upcoming summer season. Want to join us? Here’s what we’re doing

1) No eating out. None, whatsoever. We have cut back our eating out considerably since switching to a whole foods diet but have become more lax in the past few months, I want that to be nipped in the bud immediately. We have some family events coming up the weekend of the 18th so it might get tricky, but I plan to prepare ahead of time and not let it catch me off guard.

2) Do some form of exercise every day. This is pretty lax but it has to be something: a walk around the neighborhood, crunches, squats, yoga, group exercise classes – anything goes. It just has to be something and it has to be every day.

3) Take vitamins, every day. This sounds like an easy one but I really do forget some days. I need to make this an every day habit.

4) Spend time in Gods word, 20 minutes, every day. I’ve done better in the past year but there are still some days I slip. For our boys, we read a bible story every night so that will be their time. My oldest has the youth version of Jesus Calling and he will read that with me each morning.

5) Be in bed no later than 11pm. My husband and I have gotten into a really bad habit of staying up late and it has to stop. I read an article that said every hour you go to bed before midnight is equal to 2 hrs after midnight. 2 for 1? I am for that!

So, there it is! Will you join me? Adapt as it fits your families needs – I think #1 could be a challenge for everyone! I will do a weekly recap, check in each Monday. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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